AEDES, -is. f. [originally fireplace, heated room, from Indo-European aidh-, to burn, related to Latin aestus glow, surf]. 1. sing.: a) house (consisting of one room), room -b) house of God, temple; aedes Mercurii dedicata est, Livius 2.21. 2. plur.t., aedes, -ium, f.: house (consisting of more than one room), apartment/s, private dwelling: aedes probae ac pulchre aedificatae, a worthy and nicely built house, Plautus, Merc. 5.2,60; aedes liberae, a house that can be delivered unencumbered. Livius 30.17

Since our founding in 1995, Aedes Real Estate has operated nationally as an independent property investor. Aedes creates and maintains new vibrant locations on an international level. We specialise in redeveloping complex urban locations, which we revitalise through connecting history and future, through providing new meaning and substance. In this way we achieve a high-quality experience for all users, the surrounding area and for the community.

Our initiatives are integrated into their surroundings. We invest, develop and manage for the future, with passion, expertise and love of craftsmanship. That is why we are involved from the first sketch to the last detail.

Every building has a soul, we find it

Our mission is to create and maintain innovative spots with content, vitality and international appeal.

Innovative spots with content, vitality and appeal

Creating sustainable value in real estate requires a long-term vision for both the property and its surroundings. It entails connecting a building’s history and future and being actively involved in the entire life cycle.
New dynamic places are fully integrated in their surroundings; we achieve this by using our creativity and knowledge. This is how we give properties new meaning and new content, creating the experience of high-level quality and sophistication.

A long-term vision for both the property and its surroundings

We bring sophisticated knowledge, inspiration, craftsmanship and quality together. This is how we make a difference and create excellent projects. The result: innovative places with content, vitality and international appeal.

Innovative places with content, vitality and international appeal

We invest, develop and manage real estate for the future with passion, expertise, love of workmanship, and a sharp eye for detail. We see opportunities and new combinations before others do. Therefore we see doors where others see walls. Our approach is meticulous and deliberate. At the right time we involve other specialists who contribute according to their specific qualities and skills in fulfilling our concept. As guardians of the concept we supervise the teams and direct the realisation of the concept from the initial sketch, to the last detail. Our strength lies in applying our knowledge and skills in the Amsterdam Metropolitan area, our home base.

Possibilities rather than apparent impossibilities

Our core values reflect who we are and what we stand for; our identity, our DNA. They give direction to the choices we make.

Every building has a soul, we find it. Our drive is to create special and meaningful places, involving workmanship at all levels to achieve optimal results. We are involved heart and soul, from the first sketch to the final detail. And we remain involved in keeping a building dynamic: It is never finished.

It all starts with initiative, powered by imagination; seeing doors where others see walls. We would rather look for possibilities, than let ourselves be distracted by apparent impossibilities.

We create new combinations of functions that are attractive to different target groups. And we involve other parties in the development of our projects – often from diverse disciplines, and always leaders in their field. Joining these forces leads to the optimal mix of the sophisticated content we strive for. This is how we attract interested users and visitors. It is how we create innovative places with lasting vitality.

We dare to think and work differently. Our team is flexible and looks beyond borders. Our approach is unconventional. In our pursuit of perfection and optimal results, we always act in deliberate and meticulous ways. We don’t let ourselves get distracted by others. Mediocrity is not for us.

Seeing doors where others see walls

about Aedes

Sustainability: a fashionable trend?

Not as far as we are concerned. The best proof of that may well be the fact that we take objects that have been written off and give them a new lease on life. We do that by combining the solidity of the past with today’s best practices. Focus on the future can also be found in our new construction projects. So when we develop (new) projects, we want a sustainable design that is tested throughout the design phase and modified where necessary. Recognised measuring methods are used to do so. For example, each project is assigned a score in terms of energy, the environment, health, user friendliness and value for the future. By measuring these aspects in the design phase, timely modifications can be made to improve the final results. As a result, the buildings we build consume less energy, emit less CO2 and have a longer economic lifespan.

We work together with partners whose participation helps us to make more sustainable buildings, like the Triodos Bank (“most sustainable bank 2009”).

The solidity of the past with today's best practices

Aedes Art Collection

From its start Aedes has sought and found inspiration in contemporary art. Art connects the past with the future and provides meaning and substance, as we do with our buildings. Through various acquisitions over the years, a new collection of international art has been created that reflects our identity.

This is a selection from our collection.

Aedes Charity focuses on young people in the Amsterdam region. We support young people who are brimming with cultural talent, but who cannot live up to their potential due to a lack of funds. We also help to combat poverty and try to offer a structural solution in this respect. Twice each year, we will make a selection from the applications, see the application form.

Ferry Houterman (1949) is a company executive (for companies such as Rai, Eden Hotel Group and Welzorg) and a social director (for organisations such as Theater Carré, BNN Jongerenomroep [Dutch broadcasting organisation aimed at young people], ROC Amsterdam). In the past his positions included chairman of a political party in the municipal council of Amsterdam, director of the Chamber of Commerce, the Open University, Max Havelaar and Kinderopvang [Child Care]. He has become familiar with Aedes Real Estate in various capacities, which formed the basis for a substantiated positive reply for the foundation board.

Pauline Kruseman (1942), director of the Amsterdam Historic Museum from 1991 through 2008; and before that, the business leader/deputy director of the Royal Tropical Institute from 1971 through 1991.
Current executive positions include Member of the Supervisory Board of the Dutch National Historic Museum, Felix Meritis, board member of Huis Marseille, the Museum for Contemporary Photography, and Nationaal Fonds Vrijheid en Veteranenzorg [National Fund for Freedom and Veterans Care]. Previous executive positions included chairman of Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei [National Committee for 4 and 5 May] and the Amsterdam School of the Arts.

Eelco Dijk (1949) read law at the VU University in Amsterdam, is a former civil-law notary, and was a partner at Loyens & Loeff where was responsible for the real estate practice in its entirety.
He currently holds various social positions. These include being a member of the Supervisory Board of St Lucas Andreas Hospital in Amsterdam where he is in charge of construction affairs; board member of and lecturer at the Grotius Academy (collaboration between legal faculties concerned with legal postgraduate education); board member of Pro Senectute, housing for elderly people; board member of the Society of Friends of the Allard Pierson Museum; board member of the Cobra Art Prize Amstelveen Foundation; member of the Supervisory Board of Stichting ter Bevordering van de Notariële Wetenschap [Foundation for the Promotion of Notarial Science], and chairman of the Netherlands Royal Society of Notaries.

Annually, EUR 25,000 is made available for approximately 5 projects.
We aim to make a selection from the applications twice each year.

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